A registered common Initiative Group by name Global Network For Technological Advancement situated at former Tiko council building down street 5 had a graduation program and official opening of the centre, as an ICT training centre. The centre had trained about 80 students in the various departments of Information Technology (I.T) Information Communication (I.C) ie software and hardware. The idea of graduation came as a result of students who went out on industrial practice ¬(internship) and at the end they are employed without proper completion of their course. So, we felt that the community needed our product even at an unripe state. As we completed the syllabus, it was good enough to call all asundry to come and witness our products and be testimony of the graduation for possible employment.
This public manifestation took place on the 25th of September 2015 at the former Council Hall. It actually started at 2 pm with the arrival of the representative of the D.O and representative of the Mayor of Tiko followed by the Singing of the National Anthem, opening prayer said by Pastor Alfred Esingie of Full Gospel church who was doubled as the Master of ceremony. The D.O’s representative and Mayor were very brief due to other state duties.
Speeches were made by the Principal of the school Mr. Ndange Cyprian who welcomed all and presented the students for graduation. There was a thunderous applause by friends and family members who turned out for the ceremony. The principal went forth to present the aspirations of the centre: To have the centre registered under the Ministry of Vocational training and further
To register with the International Computer Driving License (ICDL) to make our students fit for national and international recognition.
Briefly after that; the student’s representative made a speech which is attached to this report.
After all, the Chief Executive Officer Mr. Ndumbe Stephen presented his vision and mission statement to the public and a lobby for sponsors and partners. He thanks immensely the Mayor for offering the former Council building as a site of the school. He equally thanks the D.O for recognition and the permit ion to have the celebration despite the tight security palaver. Looking at the graduation ceremony, it is a Dream Come true like Martin Luther said “I have a ream” and President Obama said “Yes we can—“So the vision and the mission of Mr. Ndumbe Stephen is reality.
Budgeting for this ceremony was planned to be 500,000 FRS but finally we spent 463800 FRS as you can see in the budgeting list attached herewith. There was a lot of fanfare and picture taking by students and family members, friends and staff, dancing stating, video taking
However, prospecting the new academic year 2015/2016 the principal and the board members deliberated on efforts to support the voluntary staff. Empowering the staff, encouraging and motivation of staff is the key to successful teaching because Good teaching calls for plenty students from far and near .
A list of staff was made publish in relation to subject offered. This is to call students for registration for the new academic year.