GLONETA Celebrating Its 5th Batch of Trainees. The fifth batch graduating from GLONETA titled “The Batch of Discovery”

Students and some instructors of GLONETA went out on an excursion. The excursion provided an opportunity for extra-curricular activities.

The Association of Linux and Friends located at Isoko Mokindi, Limbe 2 and probably an hour drive from there to Tiko visited GLONETA.

GLONETA Celebrating Its 4th Batch of Trainees. The 4th batch graduating from GLONETA titled “Batch of Speed”

This was to enable the students to interact and exchange ideas with the students of other schools offering computer education and also to have a small break from studies.

GLONETA Celebrates 2016 National Youth Day. GLONETA students taking part in the National Youth Day march pass.

GLONETA as leader of the teaching of ICT in the Government Primary school in Tiko zone actually started the seminar workshop as early as 8 am.

Graduation of 1st Batch of Students. GLONETA Celebrates Graduation of Its 1st Mix Batch of Students (Trainees).

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Global Network for Technological Advancement (GLONETA) is an NGO based in Tiko, South West Region, Cameroon.
GLONETA is a non-profit, philanthropic, and non-political organization. It commits itself to the development of a caring and sustaining society…


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