The graduation ceremony of the fifth batch of GLONETA has passed and gone leaving memories behind for the students, and those who were present to remember. The 16th of September 2017 was an extra ordinary day for the students of GLONETA. The day was crowned for the graduation ceremony of the fifth batch graduating from GLONETA titled “the batch of discovery”
On this long waited D-day of the occasion of the graduation, we had the assembly of the guest, student and staff on time but the ceremony started late due to heavy rainfall which lasted for about five hours as from 4 am – 9 am.
Before the occasion started one could see the graduates colorfully dressed with their robes and it was the first time for many of them to be dressed in a robe. They were well prepared for the day. The ceremony all began after the arrival of the representative of the Lord Mayor of Tiko municipality with an opening prayer by Pastor Emohi Emmanuel from the high table, followed by the national anthem and the youth anthem presented by the graduates. Next was the speech of the C.E.O of GLONETA Mr. STEPHEN NDUMBE who threw light on the objective of the centre and problems plaguing the centre. He made known to the public what the centre has been doing since its creation in 2011. And the meaning of GLONETA and why the name. At the end of the speech, the crowd supported the speech and idea with applauses and shout of joy. Followed by a speech from the school delegate, as the graduation ceremony unfolds, next on the roast room was the Lord Mayor of Tiko Council representative Mr. Duala. He was also the representative of the Lord Mayor in 2015 GLONETA graduation ceremony. This day was full of many activities but due to time constrain some were excluded. The activities which was carried out were; an advice to the parents on the importance of training their children for they are the future of tomorrow, if there are no youths there is no tomorrow! Presented by Mekalo Marcline Itoe , followed by a musical interlude, after that the invitees had light refreshment ,there were songs presented by the graduates which of course was all about welcoming everybody present there and also thanking God, the parents and the teachers for such a day. During this period one could see smiles on the faces of the invitees which automatically shows how they enjoyed the music and this could also be determined from their support. There was comedy by Aboki Malam which made all the invitees laugh out loud and made them so excited.
It was followed by a presentation titled “office package” which was meant to educate the public on how the Microsoft office functionalities. Samples of what they could be used for were shown to the guests to see. Then there was poetry presentation on the importance of a computer. We had a news cast which was comprised of the extraordinary fieldtrip of GLONETA students, a visit by Linux representatives and friends and others. They also presented activities carried out at the Tiko council and its achievements.
There was a showcase by maintenance students which they assembled a computer from scratch. It was an interesting one because I believe the guests were taught on the different components of a system and how they function. When they were done mounting the system refused to come on not because they made a mistake but because the AC voltage low, was not up to the required volt to power up the system. But it was an interesting activity although they did not complete what they wanted to showcase. After this the graduation proper began. The graduates were asked to dress properly because the graduation proper was about to commence. They were required to recite their pledge and after that they were require to change the position of the rope on their graduation cap to the left which shows they have graduated after the figure three.
Their documents were handed over to the graduates which was then followed by special award to some students who hard work very hard through the academic year. The award was sponsor by Dr Anselm Akume Ewang, the founder and CEO of Maflekumen Higher Institute of Health Sciences Tiko. He handed over some of the award to the students. And the representative Mr Douala of the Tiko council handed the others award documents to the students.
It was time to take photographs, Mr Javis lead the guest of the high table out of the whole next was the graduates follow by the guest. There was a lot of fanfare and picture taking by students and family members, friends and staff, dancing stating, video taking
The day ended with item 11 which was heavy refreshment where all the invitees ate and drank to their satisfaction. The occasion was a wonderful one indeed. It also made many other parents aspiring to send their children to GLONETA so they can be taught on how to use a computer and become computer literates.
Special thanks and glory to the Almighty God for taking us through the year and thanks to the following people: The Lord Mayor Tiko, D.O Tiko, the commissioner of public security Tiko, the commissioner of special branch Tiko, the founder and CEO of Maflekumen Higher Institute of Health Sciences Tiko, the Director of Lisapltd mile (4) Limbe Cameroon and the Chief of the traditional council Tiko.
However, prospecting the new academic year 2017/2018 the management of the Centre headed by the CEO of GLONETA deliberated on efforts to support the voluntary staff. Empowering the staff, encouraging and motivation of staff is the key to successful teaching because Good teaching calls for many students from far and near.
A list of staff was made public in relation to subject offered. This is to call students for registration for the new academic year.