Students and some instructors of GLONETA went out on an excursion on Friday May 19, 2017 around Tiko Sub-Division. The excursion started at 8am with the help of a bus and a taxi to ferry the students around. One of the major highlight of this trip was the shooting of a movie titled – (give the title of the film). It should be remembered that film making which is one of the pride of the GLONETA institution. The first stop over was at the Likomba Golf Course from 11:50am to 2pm. Here, the entire family moved around the environment to see the place for themselves; while those concerned in the film department started out with their first scene. Some snacks and juice was served to energize. Of course the film actors and actresses were busy shooting their interesting film which kept them occupied.

From Golf Course, the GLONETA family set out for the next destination, CDC Tiko Senior Service quarter. This offered scenery to spice the film. The family was served with food which everyone ate to satisfaction. The movie shooting was suspended because of darkness and due to the lack of sophisticated equipment for shooting at night.
The excursion provided an opportunity for extra-curricular activities and a life time experience since most students had never been out for such an event like that. We look forward to having another exciting occasion in the future. We will therefore solicit and raise more funding to facilitate the next event.