The field trip carried out on the 10th of May 2019 in the city of DOUALA, economic capital of Cameroon was intended to bring about socialization, raise knowledge on the diverse forms of  computers, printers, scanners, photocopy machines and a lot more. This in essence brought about diverse knowledge and broad understanding on the importance of electronics as far as computer studies are concern and required skills in the professional world.

Knowledge on computers is the primary key to the door of success in our world of today; therefore, maximizing skills acquired during this field work is a great deal to oneself.

Wise computers, one of the companies visited is a broad management dealing with different categories of electronics and they have added extra effort to suit the needs of their customers and also entertain their customers in several other ways which goes a long way in improving services rendered by their organization, wise Computers is a broad management in computer marketing specialized in educating and training young computer engineers and sales agents in the job market.

Wise computers offered diverse views and  background knowledge on some of their electronics to the students, this went a long way in making the students even more inquisitive as they opted to be told more about the organization which was founded by MR TAMBE KUM in 1992.

It was formally called Galaxy Electronics in the early 1990s. The organization gave a brief over-view on computer literacy, types and functions of some printers, cameras, projectors and monitors. The purpose of this field trip was to expand student views, knowledge and better their understanding on the equipments stated above. And finally gave the students reception and some take away gifts of USB flash drive.

EQUINOX TV the second place visited. EQUINOX TV IS both TV and Radio station good in broadcasting news. The technical director, Mr. Ephraim introduced us to the radio and TV stations. The radio department is said to be headed by SMART NJIKAN GABRIEL and others. The visit to equinox was cut short due to time constraint. None the less the technical director showed us around the TV and radio station and the technical cabin explaining the various activities

Despite some difficulties encountered during the visit, it was a great success as the student come across what exactly happens on the job market giving them room to learn new things.

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