On the 27th of January 2016 GLONETA as leader of the teaching of ICT in the Government Primary school in Tiko zone actually started the seminar workshop as early as 8 am after cleaning of the environment.

The seminar started by devotion by the senior prefect of the school Elizabeth Mbende Ngome who thank God for the opportunity he has given us.

The first speaker Tah Lucia Oleh H/M of Saint Andrews Anglican nursery and primary school started with the presentation of a lesson plan and lesson notes. This is the most important aspect of teaching. She was so eloquent and conversant with the pedagogy and the deontology of teaching learning.

Teaching and learning is an art and social science as such we found it worthy of note to impart the ability using the blooms taxonomy level of cognitive objective vis-à-vis the new pedagogy approach in teaching –learning of I CT tools in our Government primary schools in Tiko zone

In accordance to the principles of sequence of vertical curriculum design learning ability must be arrange in ascending order of difficulty and complexity

GLONETA sees is fast transforming the world but many are not introduce d to the interest of the ability from grass root. GLONETA wishes by the grace of GOD to make it happen in that few years to come by starting new from somewhere ven for free.

Like blooms taxonomy of cognitive objectives GLONETA wants to start from the level one of the learning ability in order to make the world a global village where we can live as one man with one GOD.

Integrity of ICT in education means the society at all levels is in need of the knowledge .This idea spurred civilization somewhere in china, Korea, Japan, and many other why not Cameroon.

President Paul Beya in his usual speech to the youths on the 10th of February 2001, emphasized the need to integrate ICT into the educational system. This he put into effect on the 30th November 2001, when he inaugurated some multimedia centre’s in Yaounde. This was the start point where GLONETA saw her vision and decided to start a project.

The C.E.O met with the inspector of basic education for Tiko and both accepted to embark on the models of integrating ICT teaching by GLONETA, the lone multi-purpose ICT centre in Tiko, where we learn about ICT learn through ICT tools, learn with ICT tools. So we were given this particular task to solve the problem of pupils using ICT resources to enhance the knowledge in other subjects. 1

The main objectives of using ICT tools in schools are:

To help the child develop social skills through cooperative learning.
To overcome the barriers of lack of leaning resources and textbooks caused by economic, cultural and linguistic environment.

To enable the child develop and use ICT skills to attain learning objective