The Association of Linux and Friends located at Isoko Mokindi, Limbe 2 and probably an hour drive from there to Tiko taking into consideration all the delays that might be caused in the form of traffic. The visit was scheduled for Friday the 25th of August 2017 by the CEO of GLONETA, Mr. Stephen Ndumbe.

Before the visit proper, the students of GLONETA had kept the entire campus clean and ready to welcome their guest warmly. The level 300 boys had took upon themselves the responsibility of cleaning all the grasses and also to keep the surrounding clean , while the girls were to clean the classrooms, the main hall and the administrative block. The entire campus was very busy on the eve of the visit as you could see the girls towards the hall sweeping and cleaning likewise the boys were carrying dirt and keeping the compound clean. Facing the classes, you could see some other set of girls removing curb webs from the walk and finally, by 12:30 pm, the entire campus was clean.

On the D-day of visit, the students, staff, and CEO were all present and ready to welcome their long awaited guest. Finally, their guest arrived at 2:40 pm and was welcome by the entire school and a flower for peace was also presented to the delegate of Linux and Friends Association, Mr. Michael Paul. From there, the visitors were divided into 3 groups after being ushered into the hall by the CEO and staff of GLONETA.

The first section of the visitors stayed and talked with the C.E.O and staff of GLONETA about them becoming partners also talk about carrying out transitions between the two associations and the C.E.O of GLONETA also made provision for students in GLONETA to carry out their internship in Linux and Friends Associations which was accepted by the delegate of Linux and Friends Association MR. MICHEL PAULI ,while the other 2 sections visited the maintenance department and the lab likewise the soft ware department respectively.