My name is Awo Judith marie,21 years old and holds a bachelor’s degree D. I did a year of study at the university of Yaounde in falculty of science. This year has been so difficult, so hard that I had to stop studying for computer training. I was so desperate to find a good enough School that I could afford to pay for myself through my small jobs. It was then that one day during my telephone conversation with a friend that he told me about GLONETA(Global Network for Technological Advancement) which is a non governmental, non profit institution based in Tiko in the department of Fako in southwest Cameroon. My curiosity was huge when I heard about this school I decided to go for a ride there.
Today I am not only a graduate in office secretarial but also I received the award of best bilingual student of the school. The proof is that ,the testimony you are reading has been written personally. I have not been helped by anyone. I did not write this either to wind up or to make me see. I did it to share my experience with you, for you show that with GLONETA it is possible to transform a true bilingual Cameroonian. If you are looking for a training school in secretarial services, Computer maintenance, programming, video coverage and editing, etc. So do not hesitate and take a look at GLONETA. It’s good to be a secretary but a bilingual secretary is even better.

The surprise of my life when I arrived at this school was when the director welcomed me in English. I wondered where to start because I was very poor in English, I always fled English lessons when I was in high school, the only word I knew in English was ”hello”. I realized that I did not belong in this school. But as I have always loved challenges in my life, I decided to take up this challenge. I enrolled in this school. It was true that at first it was difficult for me but by the grace of God and my willingness to study I adapted little by little until the end of my training.