I am called Mugri Achouc Metuge. GLONETA is an institute with a difference. At GLONETA, the staff ensures that every student is focused on his/her studies in order to succeed and to be somebody in life due to this, the proprietor in his fatherly nature always takes maximum time to hold motivational talks with the students. GLONETA is not just an institute but a miniature family in the sense that no student is given more attention than another.
At GLONETA, the teachers takes it upon themselves as an obligation ensuring that every students gets exactly what he or she came for. The institute is not only interested in students coming to study and go back home, it prepares them for the job market as well in the sense, in the course of study, it places students on two (2) months of industrial training(internship) away from the school campus. I for one came to GLONETA just to study computer as something temporary just for the moment but while in GLONETA, the skills and knowledge I acquired gave me the zeal to take up computer science as a career. It’s a place to be.