My name is Rashedatu Talatu, am a Moslem. I lost my father when I was 12years old and my mother has been a house wife all her life .I stayed with my aunt up till today who sourly sponsored my Education .I am now 22years old and am an advance level holder . When I passed the A level , I was a computer illiterate,then I decided to look for a good computer training school in my locality to study computer, the best I could find is GLONETA where I now study.
GLONETA is a good computer institution ,here at GLONETA my religion as a Muslim is well respected, I am allow to leave the school once it is time for prayers, I am also allow to bring my veil to school and many other aspect of my Religion is respected which I appreciate a lot.
GLONETA is a place to be. I have the opportunity to tell every one out there that GLONETA is a place to be because in GLONETA , many subject such as Computer maintenance, hardware and software, internet, web browsing, Microsoft access, networking, business management, marketing and many other subjects.
I am today a computer literate, Thanks to God and the effort of Gloneta, I am drowing closer to my dream of being a computer genius to enable me work in a very big company that I can see to it growth personally through my skills.
I Thank God /ALLAH for giving me the opportunity to be a religion prefect at Gloneta.It is because of my good way of life that I am giving such a task .I will use this opportunity to help every one who needs to improve on his/her moral life by preaching and answering question from any body either a Moslem or a Christian. I pray that Allah give me the strength to satisfy every one without going against His commandments and His religion